maisonA history that spans three generations (and soon four!)

Fridolin Meyer began by selling his products in the Val de Villé. The fruit brandies’ excellent reputation soon
spread beyond the region and the products quickly found themselves on many of the best tables in France and Germany.

For a long time Germany was one of the distillery’s main customers, even though it is one of the
most competitive markets in terms of distilleries, and the quality of products.

It was in 1976 that the second generation, in the person of Jean-Claude Meyer, joined the family business to help
deal with the increasing demand.

Father and son work worked together making the best possible quality fruit brandies, and today
the distillery has received the most awards at the Concours Général Agricultural Show in Paris, with more than 180 medals over the years, most of which have been gold./span>

In the 2000s Jean-Claude Meyer launched a major new project…He wanted to create a product with a strong regional identity that was truly special…
a product that nobody had dared to try before…

In his own words, “I wanted to put my expertise as a medal-winning distiller
to use in a major project, surrounding myself with the best possible team, in order to create a wonderful, exceptional product…. “And so it was that Meyer’s Alsace Whisky was created in 2007.

Greeted with surprise at first, this 100% Alsace Whisky quickly became a huge success in the regional food industry… Today Jean-Claude Meyer can safely say that his gamble paid off: his whisky was awarded a score of 85.5 out of 100 in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible!

Now it is Jean-Claude’s sons, Arnaud and Lionel who have taken charge of the family still and bring the same passion to the distillation of fruit and grains, creating fruit brandies and Meyer’s Alsace Whisky to the delight of connoisseurs all over the world.


As a family business, the quality of our products is paramount, recently awarded “EPV” (Living Heritage Enterprise) status.


our fruit brandies, liqueurs, medallion brandies, rare brandies, whiskies, and Uncle Meyer Range…

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