Alsace Whiskies

A Whisky made in Alsace? The may seem like a strange idea… but brewers and distillers
have worked side by side in Alsace for generations. It is the marriage of these two professions that gave
birth to Meyer’s Alsace Whisky…. it could almost seem strange that no one
had thought of it before!

We make two whiskies :

  • A “Blend Supérieur”, which is a blend of grain whisky and whisky made from malted barley, all
    aged in Sauternes barrels.
  • A Pure Malt: a 100% malted barley whisky, also aged in barrels that have contained
    Sauternes wines.

gammewhiskyNos Whiskys :

• Blend Supérieur Whisky 70 cl
• Blended Whisky Canister 70cl
• Pure Malt Whisky 70cl
• Blend Supérieur Box 70 cl

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