Liqueurs & “Crèmes”

The F. Meyer Distillery’s liqueurs can drunk chilled as an aperitif or, for a truly gourmet experience, combined
with sparkling wine or champagne. The gingerbread liqueur, for example,
makes an ideal aperitif at Christmas, or can be drizzled over ice-cream and sorbets.

The “crèmes” (fruit liqueurs) can be combined a with an Alsace white wine to make the perfect Alsace kir.


Our various Crèmes & Liqueurs :

  • Blackcurrant Liqueur
  • Raspberry Liqueur
  • Williams Pear Liqueur
  • Peach Liqueur
  • Plum Liqueur
  • Blackberry Liqueur
  • Strawberry Liqueur
  • Blueberry Liqueur
  • Guignolet – Kirsch
  • Pine Liqueur
  • Quince Liqueur





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