Today the F. Meyer Distillery proudly continues its development through the joint efforts
ean-Claude Meyer’s two sons, Lionel and Arnaud
to introduce the wonderful range
of fruit brandies, liqueurs and whiskies that they distil to as many people as possible.

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KIRSCH500 There are more than thirty varieties in the family business’s catalogue, from Pear, which
is without a doubt the queen of the Meyer brandies, not forgetting kirsch, damson, and plum to other rarer varieties with more exotic aromas and flavours such as Chequer Fruit, Ashberry and Quince…
There are also the classics such as Peach, or Raspberry liqueur, and more unusual ones like Gingerbread, or Violet…

And, of course, Meyer’s Alsace Whiskies: a superior blend which is a perfect balance between a grain whisky and a malted barley whisky.
A single Malt as the name suggests is a 100% malted barley whisky.

In 2011 the two brothers took over the Legoll Distillery in Châtenois, and since
then have been working on a very ambitious project, with one and the same goal: to delight your senses, especially your taste buds!