Val de Villé, one of the birthplaces of fruit brandies.


The reasons for this concentration of distillers dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries; a
mastery of the distillation technique and a valley that was overflowing with fruit resulted in one of
the most diverse ranges of fruit distilled at that time.

In those days, the kirsch of Val de Villé represented the epitome of this expertise.





stgille_pickup1000In the 19th century there were then more than 20 distillers in each commune.

Traditionally each family had its own orchards.

But in 1960 the Mendès-France decree gradually led to the disappearance of the distillers’

And so it was that professional distilleries began to develop, and more specifically in 1958 that
Fridolin Meyer, at that time a fruit wholesaler, began to distil his first brandies.





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